VISIA Skin Analysis

Your skin is as unique and individual as you are. That’s why we perform a comprehensive Skin Analysis to completely understand your skin.

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As we begin to age, our skin loses its luminosity, elasticity as well as it’s volume. At The Skin Boutique, we are guided by the simple belief that looking after your skin doesn’t need to be complicated. We always recommend the use of a Vitamin A at night and a Vitamin C in the morning. Treatments are always customised as we understand that your skin is as unique and as individual as you are. 

Whether you’d like to restore a more youthful glow, combat your latest breakout or become red-carpet ready, the VISIA Skin Camera will help us create an individualised roadmap towards better skin. 

To help you get started on your skin journey, the price of this 60-minute consultation is fully redeemable towards any skincare product or treatment you purchase on the day. 


VISIA Skin Analysis $149

Redeemable on the day towards any skincare or treatment.