Visia Skin Analysis



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Visia Skin Analysis

Your skin is as unique and individual as you are. That’s why we perform a comprehensive Skin Analysis to completely understand your skin.

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VISIA Skin Analysis Camera

With the VISIA Skin Camera, 8 characteristics of your skin are analysed to provide us with a snapshot of your current skin health.

Your Specialist will combine this snapshot with information about your previous treatments and skincare to create a personalised prescription plan towards healthier, more radiant and glowing skin.

During your analysis, your Specialist will also perform a Lite Meso-Facial* that is customised for you to begin your skin journey. Your analysis is generally performed in about 75 minutes but may take longer to ensure we have answered all your questions.

Afterwards, we book complimentary reviews along the way to check in on your progress. Complimentary Jane Iredale mineral make-up application is available after your analysis.

*does not include Healite II LED