The m.Pen micro-needling device creates thousands of micro-canals in the skins surface to carry and deliver Mesoestetic’s c.Prof active serums to the deepest skin layers.

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What is Meso-Needling?

Meso-Needling is a superficial Skin Needling procedure that is performed at .25 – 1 mm depths of penetration. As it’s performed without a topical anaesthetic, your comfort is considered and the depth that the device penetrates to will be adjusted. Generally, .25-.5mm are very well tolerated and a deeper penetration is generally not necessary.

Unlike traditional Skin Needling that relies on the body’s wound healing response, Meso-Needling works by creating superficial, micro-channels in the skin that allow the c.Prof serums to bypass the thickened horny epi-dermal level and reach the deeper levels of the skin.

Each treatment begins with a Healing LED Facial to energise skin cells to be more receptive to the serums that will be needled and finishes with a Crystal Fibre Mask that hydrates, heals and restores.

Prior to any Skin Needling treatment at The Skin Boutique, we require the use of a Vitamin A & C for a minimum of 2 weeks without any complication before we commence the procedure.

A course of 5 sessions is generally required for the full effects of the serums to be seen, but results should be visible from the first treatment. The full range of Mesoestetics c.Prof & x.Prof solutions are available and your Skin Specialist can customise the most appropriate treatment plan for your skin at your initial consultation.

Serum Highlight

c.Prof 210 -

This highly potent serum is cocktailed with active ingredients to inhibit tyrosinase and melanogenesis for a brighter and more even skin tone. Boosted with the powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C, it helps to protect cells from oxidisation and sun damage for a more radiant glow.

c.Prof 211 -

A unique formulation of Hyaluronic Acid, Taurine, Idebonone and Vitamin C have been cocktailed to reduce the signs of ageing from sun exposure and boost the skins radiance. Wrinkles will appear softer, complexion brighter and hydration boosted with a series of treatments.

c.Prof 214 -

Exclusive peptides that have clinically been proven to improve the firmness and the integrity of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis for fuller, more supple skin. The addition of sodium hyaluronate restores hydration to dehydrated skins and restores a more youthful and radiant glow.


Meso-Needling $289

Meso-Needling is a superficial Skin Needling procedure that is performed with Mesoesetetic’s m.Pen device to deliver their exclusively formulated x.Prof & c.Prof serums. Thousands of micro-canals are created which carry these serums past the dead and thickened surface skin layers to be delivered directly to the deepest skin layers.