5 x

Meso-Facial (inc LED)



m.Pen Add-On



All Meso-Facials include a Healite II - Healing LED

Enhanced Meso-Facials


5 x

Meso-Genesis - Lite



Meso-Genesis - Face



Meso-Genesis - Face & Neck



Meso-Genesis - Face, Neck & Décolletage




Clinical medi-facials that address the four stages of ageing. 

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What Are Meso-Facials?

Comprised of 4 exclusive in-clinic treatment solutions to address the different and unique stages of ageing. This gradual process is perceived by changes in the texture, tone and volume of the skin. These can occur naturally with the passage of time (chrono-ageing), or from exposure to the elements such as sun exposure (photoageing), or lifestyle and genetic factors.

Skin ageing does not always match your biological age but is reflected in its appearance.

According to Dr. Richard Glogau, skin ageing can be classified in 4 degrees that gradually reflect the intensity of the epidermal and dermal degradation.

The 4 stages of ageing should be treated differently and gradually. As a result, mesoestetic has developed 4 unique facials with specific solutions that offer either a preventive or corrective action in order to respond to each skin need.

m.Pen Add-On

All Meso-Facials include a Healing LED but Micro-Needling with Mesoestetic’s m.Pen is available to create micro-channels in the skin to allow greater absorption of the active serums in each Meso-Facial.

Enhanced Meso-Facial

Add a Laser Genesis – Lite to target specific areas then heal and hydrate with a Meso-Facial of your choice for an Enhanced Meso-Facial. A full Laser Genesis is also available for a complete Red Carpet Experience and results. With Enhanced Meso-Facials, m.Pen and Healing LED’s are not an available add-on.