An exclusive range of anti-ageing facials from Mesoestetic that correct and prevent the visible signs ageing.

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What are Meso-Facials?

We understand that the skin in our 20’s is not the same as our skin in our 40’s or 50’s. With this in mind, we offer an exclusive range of anti-ageing facials that have both a preventative and corrective action for the different stage your skin is in.

Energy C

It’s in our 20’s that our skin begins to show the first signs of ageing. Generally, we begin to notice the signs of sun damage appearing as well slight loss of elasticity in the skin. The Energy C Facial has been formulated with high concentrations of Vitamin C to strengthen cells and reduce further sun damage. It’s also able to correct the signs of ageing by brightening the skin for a more radiant, luminous glow.

Collagen 360

In our 30’s we begin to notice the loss of collagen leading to less elasticity in the skin. This is when firming and tightening become the biggest concern to most people. The Collagen 360 Facial uses high concentrations of enriched marine collagen to reactivate collagen synthesis in the skin. Skin elasticity is improved by the re-densifying, firming and tightening benefits of this exclusive facial.

Stem Cell

With the passing of time, skin stem cell activity slows-down and the skin loses its capacity for renewal, resulting in lack of tone and deep wrinkles. The Stem Cell facial contains high concentrations of plant stem cells to reverse cell regeneration slowing down, strengthen the connective tissue structures and stimulate fibroblast and collagen activity.

Radiance DNA

By the time we are 50+, damage from free radicals and the sun weaken the skin’s internal mechanisms, damaging DNA and unbalance the expression of genes that are essential in the fight against skin ageing. The Radiance DNA facial repairs and protects DNA and synchronises the cellular biological clock with the [meso]recovery complex®. Skin is brighter and more radiant and wrinkles are softened for a more youthful glow.


Meso-Facial $249

All Anti-Ageing Facials include a Healing LED Facial.

Meso-Facial - Intense $298

Intensify your Meso-Facial with the m.Pen micro-needling device.

Meso-Facial - Enhanced $499

Our Ultimate Red-Carpet Facial, enhanced with a Laser Genesis - Signature.

Meso-Facial - Enhanced (Lite) $389

Diffuse redness and enhance your Facial with a Laser Genesis - Lite.