anti-ageing solutions

Professional in-clinic facials to address all four stages of ageing. 

What Are Meso-Facials?

With 4 unique facials designed to address the 4 different stages of ageing, Meso-Facials provide real results with no down-time. These in-clinic treatments are a great introduction to more advanced treatments such as Mesopeels, Mesoéclat or Cosmelan. An Enhanced Meso-Facial can be combined with a Genesis-Lite or a Laser Genesis for radiant, glowing and hydrated skin. 

The range of  Meso-Facials consist of-

energy C for 20-30 year olds or even older clients that are seeking to brighten or even skin tone.

collagen 360 for 30-40 year olds or clients wanting to increase volume loss and smoothen fine lines.

stem Cell for 40-50 year olds is an ideal solution for clients that are seeking to restore their skin with peptides and growth factors.

radiance DNA for 50+ clients that are seeking the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.

When paired with Mesoestetics intensive range of skincare, results are further enhanced. We generally a recommend a course of 5 Meso-Facials spaced every 2 weeks.

The above guide are only generalisations and Meso-Facials can be utilised for any age with any skin condition. A VISIA Skin Analysis will assist your Skin Specialist to create a unique roadmap for your skin condition and concerns to achieving better skin.



1 x

5 x

energy C, collagen 360, stem Cell
or radiance DNA



m.Pen Add-On



All Meso-Facials include a Healite II LED


Enhanced Meso-Facials

1 x

5 x

Genesis-Lite + Any Meso-Facial



Laser Genesis + Any Meso-Facial



  • Enhanced Meso-Facials include a mesopeel 30% Lactic.
    Healite II LED & m.Pen are not available for Enhanced Meso-Facials

The 4 Stages Of Ageing

Skin ageing is a gradual process that can be measured by changes in the appearance and texture of the skin. These changes are due to the passage of time (chronoageing), exposure to the elements such as the sun (photoageing), lifestyle and other external factors. 

The skin appearance does not always match the real biological age but reflects the skin’s perceived age. According dermatologist, Dr Richard Glogau, skin ageing can be classified in 4 degrees that reflect ageing intensity of the epidermis and dermis.

Stage I

Changes in skin;

  • Free radicals increase the oxidative processes
  • Reduction of amino acid and protein levels
  • Weakening of the cell barrier

Visible changes in skin;

  • Development of fine lines and wrinkles

Stage II

Changes in skin;

  • Reduction of collagen fibres and elastin levels

Visible changes in skin;

  • Thinning of the dermis resulting in a loss of volume
  • Increase of deeper wrinkles

Stage III

Changes in the skin;

  • Slow-down of skin renewal
  • Metabolic processes slow-down
  • Quality of skin support tissues deteriorate

Visible changes in the skin;

  • Gradual decrease of skin elasticity
  • Lack of firmness and onset of deep wrinkles

Stage IV

Changes in the skin;

  • Intercellular junctions break down.
  • Increased loss of metabolic function of the oil and sweat glands

Visible changes in the skin;

  • Loss of definition
  • Increase in skin fragility
  • Very deep wrinkles

Solutions To The 4 Stages Of Ageing

energy C

Stage I Solution

The energy C line is composed by a professional treatment and 3 home maintenance products that have been formulated to respond specifically to stage I ageing.

High concentrations of vitamin C respond to the first signs of ageing and is an ideal treatment for skins weakened by sun exposure and other external factors.

In ageing stages II, III and IV, energy C can be used as a first antioxidant step of a sequential treatment combined with collagen 360, stem Cell or radiance DNA.

Additional Benefits-

  • energy C is able to neutralise free radicals and to regenerate the cell membrane.
  • Anti-inflammatory action reduces post-sun erythema
  • Brightens the tone, improves luminosity and prevents the formation of pigment.
  • Induces collagen synthesis and strengthens fibroblasts to improve skin volume and hydration.

collagen 360

Stage II Solution

Collagen is the main component in the firmness and tensile strength of the dermis. Collagen synthesis reduces over time which results in the loss of facial volume. Collagen 360 is formulated with high concentrations of enriched marine collagen to reduce collagen loss, improve skin elasticity with a firming and tightening action.

Additional Benefits-

  • Enriched marine collagen supplies amino acids to form new collagen and synthesises new fibroblasts.

stem Cell

Stage III Solution

Skin stem cells are the direct precursors of the cells found in the different layers of the skin. With the passing of time, its activity slows down, the skin loses its capacity for renewal, resulting in lack of tone and deep wrinkles. With high concentrations of plant stem cells, stem Cell can reverse cell regeneration slow-down, strengthen the connective tissues and improve skin texture.

The aim of stem Cell is to protect the life of skin cells, improving their natural auto-repair capacity. The high concentrations in plant stem cells give it the poser to respond to signs of sun damage and repairs skins damaged by skin stress or environmental factors.

Additional Benefits-

  • Has the ability to effectively protect and reactivate our own stem cells, strengthening the connective tissues and improving skin texture.
  • Stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and exerts a strong anti-ageing anti-wrinkle effect on the skin.

radiance DNA

Stage IV Solution

The most advanced anti-aging treatment from mesoestetic includes the meso-recovery complex, a unique combination of active substances to protect and repair the skin. It restores the damage caused to the DNA by effectively coordinating cell metabolism and improves skin quality by reducing sun damage, improving the quality of tissues and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Additional Benefits-

  • Reactivates cell regeneration and renewal in the basal layer of the epidermis leading to an increase of facial volume. The epidermal tissue becomes thicker, denser and more resistant to external damages.
  • Neutralises free radicals improving the skin’s defence capacity and delaying the skin aging process.
  • Wrinkles and expression lines are significantly reduced.

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