The Cosmelan program consists of a professional in-clinic treatment and includes your on-going home maintenance regime. Together, they are able to enhance skin luminosity, reduce the appearance of all forms of pigmentation and prevent their reappearance.

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What is Cosmelan?

The Cosmelan formula contains an exclusive combination of active ingredients that act as an enzyme to reduce and inhibit the production of melanin in the melanocyte. To achieve lasting results and prevent pigmentation from returning, the Cosmelan program consists of two phases, an in-clinic mask application followed by a home maintenance skincare regime.

Correct & Regulate Pigmentation

With phase one, the Cosmelan 1 mask corrects uneven pigmentation by stimulating skin renewal to lift dead skin cells that contain pigment and reveal newer, brighter and healthier looking skin. 

The second phase is an on-going home maintenance regime to regulate the production of pigmentation. By inhibiting the production of tyrosinase in the melanosome, your results will continue for as long as you remain compliant at home.

Is There Downtime?

Depending on your work, it may be necessary to take time off and we do not recommend planning any social events in the few weeks following your treatment. Your skin will feel quite tight, dry and will peel for up to a week or longer depending on how your skin type and severity of your pigmentation. If your work or personal life prevent you from taking time, we strongly urge our you to consider alternative treatment options.


In about 10-14 days, clearer and brighter skin should be noticeable with ongoing improvement continuing for as long as you adhere to the program.


Cosmelan Program $1499

Includes both the application of the Cosmelan 1 as well as all your required home skincare (Cosmelan 2, Hydra Milk Cleanser, Hydratonic, Melan Recovery, SPF and Hydra-Vital Face Mask)