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The world’s safest and most effective treatment for pigmentation and melasma.

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What Is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is known as the world’s safest and most effective treatment for dermal pigmentation such as melasma. Pigmentation in the form of sun damage, age spots and freckles can often be easily treated with a combination of skin care products, laser and/or skin peels, but hormonal pigmentation (melasma), can be much more difficult to treat and can often be made worse with some of these traditional options.

The Skin Boutique is a Certified De-Pigmentation Centre in Australia, specifically trained by Mesoestetic international trainer Cristina Casaldáliga, to provide our clients the most up to date clinical information, techniques and procedures.

This advanced de-pigmenting solution can be used effectively to treat all types of pigmentation, restoring the skin to its natural condition while evening tone and enhancing brightness. It’s safe to use on all skin types including Asian and Indian skins which often cannot be treated safely with other methods.

How Does Cosmelan Work?

Cosmelan works as an enzyme to regulate the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of pigmentation. Unlike other treatments, Cosmelan offers correction and regulation to prevent the appearance of new spots over time.

The Cosmelan Treatment

Part one of your treatment is performed in clinic which your Skin Specialist will apply and be left on to work for 8 to 12 hours. During this time, you may leave the clinic and resume leisurely activities around the home. You may chose to remove the Cosmelan mask at home with direction from your Skin Specialist or return to the clinic for removal.

Regardless of if you decide to remove the mask at home or in clinic, we would like all clients to return 48 hours later for a follow-up. Most clients will be able to begin the second phase of the treatment at this time which is the homecare portion of your treatment. As each client is unique, your Skin Specialist will customise your treatment plan during your initial VISIA Skin Analysis.

Is There Downtime?

It may be necessary to take time off work and not plan any social events in the few days following your treatment. Your skin will begin to peel and flake off and may feel very tight and dry. Despite the feeling of discomfort, tightness and peeling skin it is extremely important not to pick or peel at your skin as this may damage the healthy new skin underneath. Strict adherence to the home maintenance program at this time is essential and your Skin Specialist can recommend additional treatments and skincare products to assist with any discomfort you are feeling. All the necessary steps will be explained by your Skin Specialist and we are always happy to review you at any time during your journey to brighter skin!


The results of the treatment become evident by about 10-14 days with visibly clearer and brighter skin. Ongoing improvement in the skin can be seen over the next few months.



includes in-clinic Cosmelan treatment as well as Cosmelan 2 homecare and Hydra-Vital Factor K

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