Skin Treatments

VISIA Skin Analysis

Your skin is as unique and individual as you are. That’s why we perform a comprehensive Skin Analysis to completely understand your skin.

VISIA Skin Analysis $149

Redeemable on the day towards any skincare or treatment.

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The Cosmelan program consists of a professional in-clinic treatment and includes your on-going home maintenance regime. Together, they are able to enhance skin luminosity, reduce the appearance of all forms of pigmentation and prevent their reappearance.

Cosmelan Program $1499

Includes both the application of the Cosmelan 1 as well as all your required home skincare (Cosmelan 2, Hydra Milk Cleanser, Hydratonic, Melan Recovery, SPF and Hydra-Vital Face Mask)

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Epi-Dermal Levelling

Oil, debris and dead cells can become trapped in facial hairs and may cause skin to look dull or even lifeless. Epi-Dermal Levelling gently exfoliates the skin as well as these fine facial hairs, to restore a more youthful and brighter complexion.

Epi-Dermal Levelling - Signature $169

Finishes with a Crystal Fibre Mask to hydrate, heal and restore a more radiant glow.

Epi-Dermal Levelling - Restore $189

The Healing energy of the Healite II LED red or yellow lights energise your skin cells and restore a more youthful complexion. (Includes Crystal Fibre Mask)         

Epi-Dermal Levelling - Enhanced $289

This red-carpet ready facial is enhanced with a Laser Genesis - Lite to diffuse redness, shrink enlarged pores and restore a brighter more luminous skin tone. (Includes Crystal Fibre Mask)         

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An ultra-rich concentration of your body’s own growth factors that naturally regenerate cells, stimulates collagen and provides younger looking skin.

Factor4 $689
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Healite II LED

Our powerful LED Facial energises your cells to increase cell function, stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

Healite II LED - Healing Facial $129

Included in many of our treatments for its ability to reduce inflammation, promote healing and restore normal cell function.

Healite II LED - Purity Facial $149

Purify problem skin with a 10% Salicylic Skin Peel that calms skin, reduces inflammation and helps prevent future breakouts.

Healite II LED - LUX Facial $169

Enhanced with a light Enzyme Peel, this facial restores hydration and radiance with a Crystal Fibre Mask.

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Laser Genesis

This popular lunch-time facial pulses micro-beams of laser energy to gently heat the dermis below the skins surface to diffuses redness and rosacea, stimulate collagen and shrink pores for a more youthful and radiant glow.

Laser Genesis - Lite $249

A Lite alternative to our Signature facial that focuses on specific areas of concerns still includes a Lactic Mesopeel and Crystal Fibre Mask.

Laser Genesis - Signature $389

A whole-face Laser Facial that diffuses redness, stimulates new collagen and restores the texture of the skin.

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An exclusive range of anti-ageing facials from Mesoestetic that correct and prevent the visible signs ageing.

Meso-Facial $249

All Anti-Ageing Facials include a Healing LED Facial.

Meso-Facial - Intense $298

Intensify your Meso-Facial with the m.Pen micro-needling device.

Meso-Facial - Enhanced $499

Our Ultimate Red-Carpet Facial, enhanced with a Laser Genesis - Signature.

Meso-Facial - Enhanced (Lite) $389

Diffuse redness and enhance your Facial with a Laser Genesis - Lite.

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The m.Pen micro-needling device creates thousands of micro-canals in the skins surface to carry and deliver Mesoestetic’s c.Prof active serums to the deepest skin layers.

Meso-Needling $289

Meso-Needling is a superficial Skin Needling procedure that is performed with Mesoesetetic’s m.Pen device to deliver their exclusively formulated x.Prof & c.Prof serums. Thousands of micro-canals are created which carry these serums past the dead and thickened surface skin layers to be delivered directly to the deepest skin layers.

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Gently sweep away dull, tired and aged skin to reveal a more youthful glow. This popular treatment reduces pore size and evens skin for brighter and clearer complexion.

Microdermabrasion - Signature $129

An intense exfoliation that polishes and evens skin tone, reduces enlarged pores and smoothens wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion - LUX $189

Compliment your Microdermabrasion - Signature with a Healing LED Facial and a Crystal Fibre Mask that restores cell function for more radiant, glowing and hydrated skin.

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Skin Needling

Utilising the world’s most advanced and latest methods, we are able to enhance your results, ensure your safety and reduce downtime.

Skin Needling $389

A minimally invasive procedure that stimulates new collagen synthesis to improve skin texture, soften wrinkles and smoothen scars.

Skin Needling - Enhanced $489

Enhance your Skin Needling treatment with a Laser Genesis - Lite which targets the most difficult to treat skin concerns such as pitted scarring or deep wrinkles and is an effective rejuvenating treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

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Skin Peels

Reveal fresher, brighter skin with our advanced range of clinical peels from Mesoestetic.

Mesopeels $149

All AHA and BHA Mesopeels include a Healing LED Facial to restore normal cell function and reveal healthier, more radiant looking skin. 

Mesopeels - LUX $189

Hydrate and heal your Mesopeel with Post-Procedure Crystal Fibre Mask from Mesoestetic. 

Mesoéclat $289

Includes a Healing LED Facial to restore normal cell function and finishes with the Hydra-Vital Face Mask to hydrate and heal. 

Mesoéclat - Intense $338

Intensify your treatment with Mesoestetic’s m.Pen Skin Needling device that creates micro-channels in the skin which leads to greater absorption of Mesoéclats serum in the skin.

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