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advanced treatments

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Combining professional treatments and home maintenance products for more visible and longer lasting results.

These treatments can be tailored and customised to each clients needs thanks to application protocols designed to optimise results during each day and every stage of the process: prevention, treatment, maintenance and follow up.

The Skin Boutique is proud to be an accredited Specialist De-Pigmentation Clinic where we have received exclusive and additional hands on training from Mesoestetic's top international trainers. We begin all your treatments with a VISIA Skin Analysis and recommend an appropriate homecare regime to enhance your results


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30% OFF



Energy C - Brightening Solution

Simple, effective facial treatment consisting of 5 sessions. Provides clear results thanks to the combination of antioxidant and brightening ingredients with an energising massage technique.




Collagen 360 - Firming Solution

Consisting of 5 sessions, collagen 36o is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of enriched marine collagen designed to reverse the age-associated loss of collagen.




Stem Cell - Regenerative Solution (40-50's)

Consisting of 5 sessions, Stem Cell is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of plant stem cells designed to reverse the slowdown in cell regeneration.




Radiance DNA - Anti-Ageing Solution

Consisting of 5 sessions, Radiance DNA is designed to repair and effectively protect DNA integrity, in addition to reactivating the vital functions of the skin.




Consisting of 5 sessions and focusing on promoting the body’s defences and cell renewal mechanisms, this professional treatment supplies the skin with all the necessary elements for optimal nourishment and hydration.





Cosmelan -
De-Pigmentation Solution

The world’s leading professional de-pigmentation treatment. The duality of corrective and regulating action, makes it a unique treatment for all skin types and colours. It comprehensively removes the existing hyper-pigmentations and prevents their re-appearance. this two-part treatment consists of a professional in clinic mask application and a home maintenance program.




M.Pen - Ultimate Micro Needling

Consisting of 5 sessions, Micro Needling significantly increases the transdermal penetration of active serums. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of epidermal micro-canals that allow serums to pass through the top layer of the skin, while simultaneously producing dermo-epidermal bio-stimulation, incrementing the activity of serums.

We offer 3 professional serums that can be used with your m.Pen treatment spaced 15 days apart. 210 depigmentation solution 211 photoaging solution 212 facial tightening solution