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a smoother tomorrow starts today

Tired of repeating the cycle of plucking, shaving and waxing?

These daily rituals are not only inconvenient but can damage your skin in the process. Enter Laser Hair Removal. After just one session you’ll see a reduction of hair by up to 30%.

By pulsing gentle beams of light into the hair follicle, your pigment absorbs the light, which in turn prevents treated hair from ever growing back. Our laser targets your hair at the beginning of the growth cycle, so you'll generally see desired results after six to ten treatments.

Our fully approved, medical grade laser is the most advanced available in the world and can be used to treat both light and dark skin types. Each of our Specialists are fully trained and certified to help you determine a treatment plan that is best suited to both your skin and hair type.

Our Laser

At The Skin Boutique we use the world’s largest manufacturer of lasers, Cynosure. Their dual wavelength Elite+ is both FDA & TGA approved for hair removal and is manufactured in the United States. This platform contains both the Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:Yag (1064nm) wavelengths making it safe and effective for both light and dark skin types.

This device is a Medical Grade Laser, not an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

All hair grows in 3 stages known as the Anagen, Catogen and Telogen phases. The laser can only effectively target the hairs that are in the Anagen growth phase. That’s because in this stage, the hair follicle is lined with stem cells that once destroyed prevent new hairs from returning.

Generally, only one third of the hairs are in the Anagen phase at any given time, which is why after your first treatment you should see a reduction in hair by one third. For best results, it is important to return to your next session as soon as you begin to see the hairs returning. Every part of the body is on a different cycle and hairs in certain parts may return sooner than others.

A rough guide for clients to follow is;

Face; 1 – 2 weeks. (males may require more frequent treatments)

Body: 4 – 6 weeks

Legs: 6 – 8 weeks

*It is important to note that every individual is unique and your treatment intervals may be shorter or longer depending on many external factors such as genetics, hormones, stress, and other environmental factors.


Most clients will achieve a reduction within 6-10 treatments, depending on the area being treated. Hormonal areas, such as female faces will require more treatments possibly even indefinitely as the body stimulates the production of new hairs.

In between your treatments, you should have no hairs coming through. As soon as you begin to see new hairs coming through, that’s when you should come back for your next treatment. Your intervals will depend on the area being treated, your individual hair growth cycle, and the number of treatments you have previously received. As you progress through your course, your intervals will lengthen between visits.

The Skin Boutique cannot guarantee individual results and as such has made no promises to the number of treatments required to obtain desired results.

Clients with darker hair and lighter skin will generally receive better results. Clients with blonde, red or white hair do not respond to treatment. Darker skinned or tanned clients will require more treatments.

Post Treatment Protocol

Use Aspect’s Post Laser Gel as frequently as necessary for a minimum of 36 hours post treatment. A cold compress may be used in addition to the gel to assist in drawing heat out of the area. Never itch or rub the area.

For the next 48 hours, refrain from heavy exercise, hot yoga, hot showers (warm is okay), heaters and/or blow drying the area, as well as the use of swimming pools saunas, spas or steam rooms.

Apply Galderma’s Actinica Sunscreen on treated areas that may be exposed to the sun.

Direct sunlight should be avoided for up to 2 weeks post-treatment even with the use of a sunscreen.

Active cosmeceuticals as well as any other products that contain harsh chemicals and/or fragrances should be avoided for 48 hours.

Does it hurt? 

Most clients say the laser feels like a rubber band lightly flicking on the skin. The sensation does not linger and disappears immediately. Post treatment, the area will feel warm as if it has been exposed to sun, but our post laser gel will soothe and continue to cool the area.

Pre-Treatment Protocol

The area being treated must be kept out of the sun for up to 2 weeks prior to treatment. Recently sun exposed clients cannot receive treatment for their safety and will be rescheduled. All spray or ‘fake’ tans in the treatment area must be scrubbed off completely prior to commencing any laser treatment. 

All hair in the treatment area must be shaved the night before. Never wax or depilatate, only shave as the laser needs the hair to be in the follicle in order to achieve desired results. Some clients may be required to use a tyrosinase inhibitor (pigment blocker).

Pigment Blocker Policy

The use of a pigment blocker is recommended for all clients but is required for clients that are a Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV and above when treating the face. This is to prevent unwanted darkening of the treatment area. The use of a pigment blocker will allow your Specialist to safely and effectively treat the face when prepped for 2 weeks prior to your first session and used regularly throughout the course of your sessions. We recommend the use of Cosmedix Simply Brilliant or Environ Clarifying Lotion.

Laser Hair Removal

Up to 55% OFF

FACE Single Buy 2-3 Buy 4-7 Buy 8+
Lip $35 $26 $21 $16
Chin $35 $26 $21 $16
Male Face Sculpting $45 $34 $27 $20
Full Face $75 $56 $45 $34
Snail Trail $35 $26 $21 $16
Underarms $45 $34 $27 $20
Front of Neck $50 $38 $30 $23
Back of Neck $50 $38 $30 $23
Male Shoulders $50 $38 $30 $23
Sides $50 $38 $30 $23
Quarter Back $75 $56 $45 $34
Female Half Arms $75 $56 $45 $34
Male Lower Arms $75 $56 $45 $34
Male Upper Arms $125 $94 $75 $56
Chest $120 $90 $72 $54
Stomach $120 $90 $72 $54
Half Back $120 $90 $72 $54
Female Full Arms $140 $105 $84 $63
Male Full Arms $150 $113 $90 $68
Chest & Stomach $200 $150 $120 $90
Full Back $200 $150 $120 $90
Bikini $40 $30 $24 $18
G-String $50 $38 $30 $23
Brazilian $65 $49 $39 $29
Extended Brazilian $75 $56 $45 $34
Quarter Legs $95 $71 $57 $43
Buttocks $100 $75 $60 $45
Male Brazilian $100 $75 $60 $45
Half Legs $180 $135 $108 $81
Full Legs $300 $225 $180 $135
Lip & Chin $45 $34 $27 $20
Female Brazilian & Underarms $75 $56 $45 $34
Full Face + Front of Neck $90 $68 $54 $41
Half Leg + Brazilian & Underarm $200 $150 $120 $90
Full Back & Shoulders $230 $173 $138 $104
Full Leg + Brazilian & Underarm $330 $248 $198 $149
Full Legs, Buttocks & Brazilian $350 $262 $210 $158
Full Legs, Buttocks, Brazilian & Underarms $360 $270 $216 $162