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Why you MUST have a skincare routine

A thing we hear all too frequently at The Skin Boutique is that people very quickly fall out of habit with their skin routine and they tend not to prioritise it as much as they should because they have this perception of it being too high maintenance. A skin routine is much more than a surface-level concern, and in reality if you don’t want to age like a leather boot, you need to invest in your skin today!

We talk about a routine because skin care should be a long-term plan. Having one or two facials or using a product a few times will not show you the results you are after. Compare it to health and fitness. When you commit to getting fitter or losing weight, one gym session and a couple of salads is definitely not going to do the trick. It takes a plan in place to get results and exactly the same theory applies to skin-care! A long term plan with a goal will always achieve the greatest results.

So, where do you start?

Lucky for you, we have a highly skilled team of Skin Specialist who can tell you exactly what you need and when, depending on the results you want to achieve. It does not however, stop there, we have gone one better!

We have done all the thinking for you by creating the ultimate LUX Skin System Packages! Designed to leave you with a flawless complexion and compliment worthy skin by combining Skin Needling to rejuvenate and renew the skin by targeting fine lines, scarring, wrinkles and loose skin. Laser Genesis to go the extra mile and reduce redness, even out skin tone, reduce pore size and promote further collagen production, and finally LED treatments to reduce inflammation, promote collagen and elastin production and generally enhance your results.

These are the top 3, non-invasive treatments used by your favourite celebrities for that #NoFilterNeeded look. The treatments can be spaced out over a 6+ month period to give you the greatest results and leave you with the skin you’ve always dreamed of. That isn’t all though! On top of the treatments you will be receiving with our Skin Specialists, you will also get your at-home skin regime consisting of masks, products and even make-up, because we want to ensure that your skin is getting the best care even when you’re not with us.

The final and best part is that, when you purchase one of the LUX Skin Packages you save anywhere between $1,373 and $2,712! So if you’re tired of treating your skin like it’s second best and you want to give it the best care, or if you’re sick of having treatments on a whim, hoping they will work (but they don’t), then this is the package for you! If you want to speak with our Skin Specialists about the best solution for you skin, contact us today!

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