The Skin Peels You Need To Try Before Winter

Winter may almost be over by the calendar, but that crisp, drying air is still well an truly present, thanks to the lack of humidity. As Melburnians we're used to this, but our skin, not so much! And while we can't solve Melbourne's weather conditions, we can certainly help with the effect they have on your skin!

A skin peel is a great way to clear your skin, unclog your pores and return your rightful and radiant glow.

What are Skin Peels?

Stress not! We won't actually peel the skin off your face. Think of them more as master exfoliators! They are designed to get through the dryest of dead skin cells and reveal clean, fresh and hydrated skin beneath.

Think of the times you touch your skin and it may be rough beneath the fingers, or you have some annoying bumps around your forehead and temples that won't budge or blackheads so deep you think they've built an entire city near the base of your nose! Skin peels will plow through all of the above and resurface your skin, leaving you with a youthful and radiant complexion that will undoubtedly score you some compliments.

Why is Winter the best time for Skin Peels?

You've heard the saying 'Summer bodies are made in Winter' - and much the same applies to skin. It is the ideal season for beauty maintenance and some TLC. The harsh weather conditions take their toll on all skin types so the end of Winter is the perfect time to refresh and renew. The lower UV levels also create an ideal environment, allowing your skin to heal post-treatment.

The Skin Peels you must try!

If it sounds like your skin is in need of a pick-me-up, these powerhouse peels will save your skin this season with their powerful ingredients and incredible results.

Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie Peel

Part lactic acid exfoliant, part manual scrub. It will soften rough, uneven skin for a balanced complexion and dramatically smoother texture. Great for dull, ageing skin, mild acne or congested pores

Lira Vita Brite Refresher with PSC

This exclusive treatment tightens, firms, brightens and hydrates to refresh all skin types. Contains an elite blend of Vitamin C, mandelic, salicylic acids, plant stem cells and a unique blend of botanicals to leave you with a completely renewed complexion

Mineral Jessner Rebuilder with PSC

The gold standard of peels, the Mineral Jessner corrects stubborn fine lines and wrinkles, lightens pigmentation and reduces the appearance of acne scars. It contains a healing combination of plant stem cells, green tea extract, colloidal silver and gold. The beautiful ingredient blend allows for more corrective results with less downtime.

If you're ready for your Skin Peel or you want to find out more information and seek a consultation, contact us and one of our skin therapists will be in touch!

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