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Meet Our New Advanced Skin Treatments

Meet Our New Advanced Skin Treatments

Spring is well and truly here and so is our new line of skin superheroes! At The Skin Boutique, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled expertise, product and state-of-the-art equipment. That’s why, when we get excited about new treatments, you need to book yourself in ASAP!

So, without further ado, we introduce to you, our Mesoestetic Advanced Treatments! Before you go on trying to repeat that, let us fill you in. These treatments are designed to achieve the most jaw-dropping results that last longer than ever before. Now you understand why we refer to them as skin superheroes!

These incredible, medical grade skin treatments are the new era of skin care. They go beyond anything you may have tried before to leave you with, refreshed, rejuvenated, younger looking skin.

Treatments are tailored and customised to your needs, so let’s meet the superhero line-up!

Energy C – Brightening Solution

We all know just how beneficial Vitamin C is by now, but you have never had it in this amount of concentration. This treatment is ideal for those looking to combat the first signs of ageing. Whether that be some uneven tone, or dull and tired skin. The energy C will bring luminosity to the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and vibrant for weeks!

Collagen 360 – Firming Solution

This is where the special powers come out to play. The Collagen 360 is designed to essentially reverse the loss of collagen in your skin, and we all know that collagen is what keeps us looking youthful. With its high concentrations of enriched marine collagen, it stimulates the processes of cell renewal and reactivated the production of collagen, taking you straight back to your 20s. We warn you now, start taking you ID out with you as we’re going to reverse the clock!

Stem Cell – Regen Solution

We are no longer looking at replenishing collagen, this is the next level. It’s time to protect the life of your skin cells and improve their capacity for self repair! The Stem Cell treatment sounds scientific, because it is! This regenerating treatment contains high concentrations of plant stem cells, designed to reverse the slowdown in cell regeneration.

Radiance DNA – Anti-Ageing Solution

Welcome to the future! We can and we will protect and repair your cellular DNA! Ageing is a fact of life, but looking your age is not thanks to this miracle worker. This treatment is designed for those that aren’t fans of the needles! Radiance DNA will reduce your deep wrinkles and repair and protect DNA integrity by reactivating the vital functions of the skin!


The Cher / Madonna of skin treatments – thus it’s solo name! This advanced skin treatment sits at the very top for a reason. It provides immediate skin rejuvenation, by producing cellular renewal and restoring vitality and elasticity to the skin.

It’s main focus is promoting the body’s defences and cell renewal mechanisms, supplying your skin with all the necessary elements for optimal nourishment and hydration. It does not get better than this ladies and gentleman. This is a one way ticket to youthful, healthy, radiant skin that will last!

We have deemed the Mesoestetic Advanced Skin Treatments superheroes for a reason and nothing will quite paint the picture like experiencing them for yourself. There is no better way that to refresh your skin from the Winter hibernation, so get in touch today to book yourself in or alternatively speak to our Skin Specialists about what might be the best treatment for you!

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