How To Prepare Your Skin For a Big Event

We know the feeling all too well! You're excited for a big event, you've been preparing for it all week, scheduling and re-scheduling all that needs to be done, and low and behold, your face decided to show all the stress within the 12-hour event window... NOT IDEAL!

Something that you may not know is that this process has a lot to do with Cortisol. Generally, when we're preparing for a big event, we're busy, run off our feet and our cortisol levels are high. The minute that it's go-time and you mentally begin to relax, your body takes this as a cue to drop its guard across all fronts and this is when skin starts to react, immune systems drop and we may even start to feel like we're coming down with a cold!

It’s no secret that we all covet the perfect glow for our big events. A smooth, buttery complexion that radiates is at the top of the to-do list, but how exactly do you achieve it? Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about glowing skin and we have a bulletproof plan to help you conquer any pre-event skin blues.

The 5 Golden Steps

  1. Once you've got your event date locked in, get your skin assessed by a qualified skin therapist so that they can give you a treatment and home care plan. At The Skin Boutique, we begin all treatment plans with a VISIA Skin Analysis, which shows us exactly in which areas your skin needs assistance in and therefore allows us to tailor a plan specific to the needs of your skin.
  2. You've heard it before, you are what you eat! Ensure you have a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet and add the following two supplements to your daily regime. A high-quality, Multi-Vitamin and Essential Fatty Acid Supplement! They will reduce your stress levels, balance hormones, and create a nice, supple healthy skin barrier.
  3. Exfoliate – but not with the old and tired apricot scrubs. They are actually like little shards of glass and scratch the surface of your skin, creating more inflammation. Instead look for a gentle AHA exfoliant, our favourite is the Aspect Exfol L
  4. Minimise your intake of dairy. The growth factors in dairy increase 5 alpha reductase, which again causes increased inflammation and excess sebum production.
  5. Get your beauty sleep! When you sleep, your skin regenerates and heals. By the way, going to bed without cleansing your skin ages you, seven nights in one night so keep that in mind next time you are 'too tired

Stick to the 5 golden rules above, and come your special event, you will be glowing and ready as ever. Make sure you contact us to book in at least a few weeks before your event so that we can ensure your treatment protocol is maximised!

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