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FACTOR4 – Why the 'new' Vampire Facial is so popular!

We have no doubt that you’ve seen the trademark images all across Instagram. The ones that make you do a double take - a celebrities face covered in blood splatter and not for a Halloween party either! Instead of wondering what this new blood craze is and why Kim Kardashian is a fan, we thought we would introduce you to FACTOR4 or what is socially known as the new ‘Vampire Facial’

So, what is FACTOR4 and why is it better than the original Vampire Facial?

It is a much more refined and targeted treatment than platelet rich plasma / the classic Vampire Facial and the best part is that it offers a natural alternative to Botox and Cosmetic Surgery if that's not really your cup of tea just yet. It allows you to achieve a much brighter and healthier complexion, resulting in younger looking skin. Think of it as a natural formulation that works to reduce all your lines and entirely rejuvenate your skin, winding back the clock - we're definitely not saying no to that!

Now, surely you’re still wondering where the vampires come into play? Thankfully, nobody from the Twilight cast has to be present at your appointment. We basically take a bit of your blood and process it using patented, technologically advanced tubing, in turn producing your highly concentrated serum. This incubation process takes 6-9 hours and it separates the cellular matter of your blood, extracting the super-concentrated, rich growth factors and cytokines from your blood. The plasma concentrate is then spun and filtered to purify, making your serum four times richer.

How is FACTOR4 performed?

The following day, once you return, your treatments will be performed by using a skin needling pen. The MDerma pen will work it’s magic over a course of four treatments every 5-10 days. An LED facial is performed post-treatment to assist with healing and swelling.

Is it painful?

We know it’s hard to separate the notion of blood resulting in pain, but we have to be honest and say that the treatment is really not a painful one thanks to the topical anesthetic that is applied before the MDerma comes out to play!

What are the side effects?

Aside from incredible looking skin, you mean? Well, redness can stick around anywhere from 24-48 hrs. On occasion, you might experience slight swelling or bruising around your eyes and lips but this is why you need to be diligent with your post care. Drink plenty…and we mean plenty of water to flush everything out and don’t touch your face for the first 12 hours. After that, moisturise it 3-5 times a day for 3-5 days. Basically, you should take it easy on the day of your treatment and resume normal activities from the next day onward.

How much does it cost?

At The Skin Boutique, we like to simplify things for you as much as possible. That is why we packaged up your entire treatment to include pre and post care! For $2,499 you will get a VISIA Skin Analysis, which will give you an in-depth understanding of your skin concerns. The blood harvest will be done, four FACTOR4 facials and 4 LED Facials and finally, a Lira Cleanser, C4 Retinol, Caviar Crème and SPF products to go home with. That’s an incredible package worth over $3000 – all yours for $2,499

If you’re finally ready to step to the dark side, or shall we say bright and illuminating side, or you simply want some more information about this treatment. Our therapists are always on hand you chat to you about your specific skin needs and goals, so get in touch!

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